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Feeling well and being self-confident in our skin is the result of good treatment and taking care of the skin. The process of ageing can be obstruct with regular and correct skin treatment.

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    hair area with IPL system

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    GELISH soak off gel polish

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Body treatment

Uncorrect nourishment, insufficient of physical activity, stress and hurry, have influence on our body balance. The first sign is visible on our skin and body. It¨s important to keep our body in good phisical condition and to mantain good-looking of the body. To preserve good looking and health we must improove the circulation, we must stimulate detoxification of the body,we must reduce the body volume and cellulite. These are holistic and not medicine proceses which helps us to reach psychophysical balance and satisfaction.

DAVID cosmetic centre offers:
- body peeling with sea salt
  and aromatic oils
- coffee wrap
- fruit wrap
- yogurt wrap
- sooy soy wrap
- mud and alga wrap
- ultrasound lipolysis
- critherapy
- endoderm therapy
- pressotherapy
- rf method
- passive stimulation of muscles
- wodder draining
- relax massages
- massage with vulcanic stones
- massage with crystal stones
- massage for pregnant women

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